The abbey complex of Sant'Andrea is located in the locality of Borzone (municipality of Borzonasca) at 335 metres above sea level and about 3 km from Borzonasca. Since 1910 it has been declared an Italian national monument.
The dating of the origins of the complex is uncertain, as are the first documents mentioning its existence. In 1184, under the ownership of the Fieschi (Counts of Lavagna), the church obtained the title of abbey.
Over the course of the centuries, the church and the complex have gone through various building stages. The monastic complex includes the church, the sacristy, a cloister, a rectory building and a farmhouse.
A tower, made of “bugnato” blocks in the early 13th century, was converted into a bell tower by adding a belfry in 1310. The other structures date back to the 16th or 17th century, with the exception of the guesthouse built in the 19th century.
The cypress in front of the church is classified among the Monumental Trees of the Region of Liguria.