Castagnello is a little hamlet in Sturla Valley, in the municipality of Borzonasca (GE). The settlement is located is strict connection whit the Borzone Abbey whose parish it depended in ancient times. The houses of Castagnello were built along an ancient track which connected this area of the Ligurian Appennines with the Santa Maria del Taro valley, in the near region of Emilia Romagna. All the buildings are constructed by stones above terraces because of the very steep slopes; some houses have architectural elements dating back at XVI century, such as portals and lintels.

The terraces under the houses were dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and fruit and, towards the valley, to the chestnut and hazelnut cultivation which are typical in these areas of Liguria. These terraces were irrigated by a dense network of channel that historically were managed and used in shifts by the residents of Castagnello. The areas above the houses were covered by collective woodlands used for pastures. Today, the settlement and his territory are almost abandoned but is possible to see traces of ancient rural activities for examples chestnut and hazelnut groves, charcoal kilns for coal production and buildings, locally named “casoni” used as stables and barns in relation to pastures.