IRIS final conference: Kolašin, Montenegro (19-21 October 2023)

Three days of field surveys, presentations, discussions, and training activities have closed the IRIS project.

In the first day, the unique pastoral settlements known as katuns in the Sinjajevina mountains were visited by IRIS participants and the official representatives from the Joint Participatory Initiative for Cultural Heritage and Climate Change.

During the morning of the second day, local stakeholders discussed the possibilities to protect Sinjajevina mountain landscapes by establishing a Regional Nature Park. In the afternoon, four mixed groups of researchers and stakeholders joined a participatory activity to issue recommendations for a better protection of Sinjajevina cultural heritage.  

In the evening the IRIS exhibition, hosted in the municipal Museum Kolašin, was officially presented to the public.

Finally, during the closing day, IRIS scientific results and achievements of this three-year project were presented and discussed by the international partnership.


The excellent organization of this final event and the welcoming attitude of all Montenegro hosts created a really unique collaborative experience for all participants.


The IRIS Team







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Sabina Ghislandi