Lago delle Lame is a lake located in the Aveto regional natural park within the Lame forest, on the slopes of Mount Aiona. It extends for approximately 3600 m² and is approximately 8 m deep in the centre. Lago delle Lame is one of the few glacial lakes in Liguria. It is located in the highest area of ​​the Ligurian Apennines, near another small group of glacial lakes: The Agoraie lakes (included in the Riserva Naturale delle Agoraie).

About 20,000 years ago a small glacier descended from the north-west side of Mount Aiona. Sliding down the slope it formed a series of basins, which later filled with water, forming small lakes.

Of this group of lakes, Lago delle Lame is the one located at the lowest altitude.

In the proximity of the lake, a Museum of Wood has been installed for children, to exhibit artefacts, finds, relics and forestry tools related to the work and local identity of a valley population and to educate in understanding the forest and its ecological system. Finally, the evocative landscape made this area as the ideal setting for a Celtic Festival, which takes place in the month of July every year. The festival offers interactive stages for adults and children, concerts in the forest and on the central stage, accompanied by craft beers and natural foods produced in Val D'Aveto itself.