Perlezzi is a little settlement in the Sturla Valley, in the municipality of Borzonasca, organised in six different neighborhoods dating from XVI to XVIII century, based on some portals.
The settlement is surrounded by terraces and irrigation channels historically managed by the inhabitants.
The aqueduct derives from the Calandrino stream that Perlezzi shared with the settlements of Caroso and Caregli; during the centuries, this caused various conflicts about the use of water that are attested by a lot of archival documents.
Near to the aqueduct intake, there were a lot of wetlands and lawns that constituted collective properties; in the north, there were large beech wood, rich of wetlands.
The most practiced activity was breeding and pasture, especially in the fenced area of Malga Perlezzi, managed by the “Consortium of zootechnical improvement”.
The terraces around the settlements were used for vegetables and chestnut cultivations and hay production; every terrace was irrigated by channels branched from the main pipeline.
The terraces and the channels were abandoned in 1960 and the settlements has almost depopulated; despite this, today, some buildings are renovated and used as holiday house.