Participatory activities in collaboration with the students of the B. Marsano Agricultural Institute, of the San Colombano Certenoli complex

At the Marsano Agricultural Institute, researchers from the DAFIST and DISTAV of the University of Genoa (Italy) carried out participatory activities with students of the 3rd grade, in collaboration with their teachers.

In the first meeting, the students mapped places, crops and material and immaterial practices that they themselves considered worthy of protection and conservation. In the following meeting, the students mapped the information obtained through interviews with parents, relatives or acquaintances on the topographic map of the valley.

The participation and involvement of the students, strongly stimulated by their teachers, have made it possible to identify and map the heritage of the Valley made up of places of memory, history, culture and the local economy. The ongoing elaborations will make it possible to analyze which places, spatially indicated, are considered by many people as heritage and consequently represent the local and rural identity of the Valleys.

These places deserve attention to be considered as places of living rural heritage by the local community.


Andrea Costa

Rebekka Dossche

Sebastiano Salvidio

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Sabina Ghislandi