Geoarchaeological analyses on terraced slopes in Castagnello, Borzonasca (Genova, Italy)

During summer, the researchers of Municipal PhD and IRIS Project, from DAFIST and DISTAV department of University of Genova, carried out a fieldwork on terraced slopes in the site of Castagnello, in Valle Sturla (GE). The activities’ aim is to analyse the terraces to understand different materials and building techniques in relation to ways of use, chronology and technical knowledge of specialized crafts. Archaeological studies are implemented by geological observations on the chemical and physical composition of the soils to understand her origin and try to reflect about the craftsmen's choice of materials and their methods of sourcing.


One of the terraces’ walls analysed during the fieldwork


Sample collection for geological analyses from a section of a terrace


Caterina Piu

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Sabina Ghislandi